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A-10C 79-0141

A-10C 79-0141.jpg A-10-mission-marks-DSThumbnailsBorder-Patrol-A-10A-10-mission-marks-DSThumbnailsBorder-Patrol-A-10A-10-mission-marks-DSThumbnailsBorder-Patrol-A-10A-10-mission-marks-DSThumbnailsBorder-Patrol-A-10

10 May 2010, Moody AFB GA- A-10C 79-0141 departed the runway after the take off was aborted. The nose gear collapsed, the fuel tank ruptured and the aircraft was engulfed in flame. The pilot successfully ejected as the aircraft departed the prepared surface.

Contributing factors included the pilot putting on his prescription glasses during the take off roll. This caused a failure to apply correct take off procedures including misapplication of throttle settings and failure to react to a clogged pitot tube producing false airspeed indications.

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